Disclaimer! Fort Aero is not performing revenue flights inside Russian airspace.


Line Maintenance

Fort Aero AS based in Estonia – Tallinn Airport offers line maintenance services from routine daily checks and servicing to scheduled line inspections, troubleshooting, wheels, and brake replacements and much more for the following aircraft:

Falcon 900EX EASy (TFE731)

Falcon 2000 (CFE738)

Nextant 400XTi (Williams FJ44)


AOG Support

Our experienced Mobile Repair Teams (MRT) are ready to help you wherever and wherever you need us, each and every day of the year, with the shortest possible response times. We will perform necessary troubleshooting, order and dispatch the required materials and get your aircraft back to services as soon as possible.

Approval: EASA Part 145 approval No.: EE.145.0118