Location benefits

Estonia is the most tech-advanced country in the world
Why Estonia?


Estonia is located as a good logistic point

It is like a bridge between the east and the west and the north

Neighbouring countries are Scandinavian countries from the west and north and Russia from the east

Stable liberal political environment

The legal system is neutral and transparent

You do not have to worry about corruption
You do not have to worry about legal changes “against” your aircraft operation
You do not have to worry about government or politicians “taking” your aircraft or nationalizing

The environment is liberal and investor-friendly

No sanctions, extra taxes will be set on you as an foreign investor
State aid is also directed by EU common directives so no stress about unfair competition against local operators and businesses
Politicians are mostly liberal and thus friendly against entrepreneurs
And specially friendly against foreign entrepreneurs who invest in Estonia
Air operators are seen as relatively important part of the economy

The economy is in positive growth and quick to adapt to changes

Legal system supports innovative new solutions
And specially solutions in the favour of the liberal economy and thus for new businesses
And if legal system should resists the growth of economy then new laws and reforms are made relatively quickly.
The positive growth of Estonia can also be deduced from recent history

Member state of NATO and EU insure that you and your aircraft are safe and secure

Currency is as stable as EURO can be

No risk of losing money as could be with local currency losing value because of government decisions or out-of-control inflation

Estonia has strong support from EU, which neutralizes any potential security threats.

Low taxes and state fees

No wealth tax or extra taxes on expensive property

No extra bureaucracy taxes in Aviation

Investor friendly tax system: no tax on reinvested capital

Gained money from the sale of an Aircraft will not be taxed if it stays with the company
Reinvested money from the sale of the aircraft will not be taxed
Company can be registered from virtually zero capital requirements
This is demonstrated by large number of foreign investors doing business in Estonia

The fees for aviation processes are government directed, no extra fees are allowed

Aviation fees in Estonia are specially low compared to the rest of the world

The registration of aircraft – es–reg

Aircraft can be registered through Estonian CAA websites

This eliminates the need for physical presence for:

The owner of the aircraft
The aircraft itself
In agreement with local officials aircraft can be basically registered without the need to transport the aircraft to Estonia before registration
Aircraft documents

And the local authority is focused on making the process even more simple

High regulatory standards

Airworthiness requirements are of the highest standard

Aircraft will not lose value after registering in Estonia
Aircraft will not be hard to sell after being registered in Estonia
Aircraft registered in Estonia will be safe to fly

No extra bureaucracy from local authorities

Aircraft operators are expected to follow EASA directives
Efficiency is supported as wide as professionalism
No extra time consuming processes are required other than those related to EASA requirements for safety
Fair competition for all air operators whether local or foreign

Estonian aircraft operators can be approved for private, commercial and business operation.

Estonia is certified to approve for international operations as RVSM, MNPS, RNAV, Transport of Dangerous Goods

International operators

There are wide variety of local air operators with the experience and know-how willing to offer services including:

Guidance of aircraft registration process
Aircraft registration
Aircraft handling
Aircraft operation
Flight and commercial operations
Aircraft maintenance
Continuous Airworthiness Management
Aerial work operations

This includes for business, commercial and private operations of aircraft

Government funded and EASA certified Aviation Academy produces Aviation professionals including:

Flight crew for commercial aviation
Engineers for aircraft maintenance
Aviation Management for the smooth operation of companies

Innovative IT solutions and
 ease of doing business

Most efficient and comfortable solutions have been quickly adapted to

e-Residency allows for foreign aircraft owners to create a virtual Estonian residency
Create an company in Estonia including an aviation company
Exchange digitally signed documents including any important transaction documents
Open an bank account in Estonia and do secure bank transfers
Declare taxes

This all can be done online!

Without the need for physical presence
Without the need for handwritten signatures
More efficiently
A lot more quicker compared to any other means of business transactions
Encrypted documents are with the highest security
Digitally signed documents are equal to handwritten documents in legal system of Estonia
All this includes documents for
Aircraft financing
Aircraft registration process
Aircraft Maintenance

Taxes can be declared online

97% of Estonians declare their taxes online
It takes only 5 minutes to declare taxes for the entire year

Wide variety of other services and official operations can be done online