Committed to corporate jet management with the highest standards of quality

Making aircraft ownership easy so focus can be on other important matters

Jet management

Our mission is to operate corporate jets at the highest level of safety, excellence, and comfort.


If you are looking for new opportunities, Fort Aero team can help you clarify the expectations and transform them into a description.

Jet sales

Selling an aircraft is a complicated and difficult bureaucratic process. With more than 20 years of experience, we will support you in your decision.


Fort Aero AS based in Estonia - Tallinn Airport offers line maintenance services from routine daily checks and servicing to scheduled line inspections, troubleshooting, wheels and brake replacements and much more.


  • 14
  • 4,750 NM

    8,800 KM

  • MACH 0.87

    485 KTS

Location benefits

Our location is chosen to benefit you - Estonia with its low taxes, transparent political system and innovative IT solutions provides a stable and cost-efficient environment for jet management.


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