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Regardless of whether you are a potential new aircraft owner or a seasoned veteran with years of private aircraft experience, there are always several options that need to be assessed when looking to buy a new aircraft. Fort Aero’s management team can help you define your expectations and translate them into a specific proposal after conducting further analysis. The most common issues that need defining include range, speed, airports to be used more frequently, cabin size, luggage volume, entertainment systems and above all – the cost. If considering the purchase of a new aircraft, Fort Aero can perform a comparison of aircraft types to match your needs. After selecting the aircraft type, a further detailed specification is needed to ensure that the choice corresponds to your preference and the regulations of aviation authorities. In the case of a new aircraft, this is handled with the manufacturer, but in case of a previously-owned aircraft, the specifications may be a limiting factor when assessing the availability of potential aircraft on the market.


Fort Aero has formed long-lasting relationships with financing solution providers and legal experts whose input is vital for building the optimal financing structures around aircraft ownership. Fort Aero also relies on top experts for advice on depreciation, financing, tax and VAT issues, financial solutions for asset management and acquisitions, and periodic expense management. Fort Aero works closely with prominent finance and legal experts Alliance Funding Group on providing leasing structures for aircraft operation and management.


Fort Aero has been partnering for years with leading design offices in Italy, France, and Germany to guarantee a professional and personal approach from the beginning of the project to its completion, thus ensuring that your aircraft will have a genuinely unique design. Fort Aero also provides aircraft refurbishment services, ranging from new material and interior design concepts, upholstery design, carpet design, an additional enhancement to exterior paint schemes and beyond.


Fort Aero performs one or more pre-delivery inspections of the aircraft to confirm that the acquired aircraft meets the specifications and expectations. Two weeks prior to the delivery, Fort Aero’s Technical Manager and Quality Manager conduct a pre-buy inspection on the delivery site to ensure that everything is in order. One week before the delivery the aircraft is test-flown by a Fort Aero test pilot, after which the aircraft is delivered to Estonia by ferry for final registration and initial stocking. The aircraft is then enrolled in all necessary service, communication, navigation and insurance agreements as detailed in the Fort Aero transfer plan. The final registration will be performed with the Estonian Civil Aviation Authority, who will provide the Certificate of Airworthiness. The aircraft could be fully operational after one week after delivery.