Jet sales


The pre-owned aircraft market is fast and effective for the sale of an aircraft thanks to a global e-mail network. The recipient database is updated on a daily basis and developed specifically for delivering the latest details on aircraft available for sale or lease within the global network of aircraft buyers and sellers. The Magazine Marketplace for Aircraft is a corporate aviation trade publication, targeted to buyers and sellers of turboprop and jet aircraft. Published every four weeks on high-quality paper, Magazine Marketplace for Aircraft offers premium display opportunities for investment-quality aircraft and features large, full-color photographs and detailed descriptions. The online publication includes thousands of for-sale aircraft listings, including parts and salvage aircraft. These listings are displayed through a searchable, user-friendly interface, which lets visitors access for-sale listings from anywhere in the world.


Selling an aircraft can be a complicated and bureaucratic process, involving several parties, such as owner representatives, mortgage teams, lawyers and financiers, current and future aircraft operation managers and flight safety aviation authorities from previous and future registration countries. The team at Fort Aero has 20+ years of experience in successfully conducting such negotiations and transactions to put the aircraft owner’s mind at ease and support the entire process, providing guidance every step of the way.