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100% Reliable Aviation Maintenance: The Fort Aero Commitment

Part 145 maintenance capabilities

When it comes to aircraft maintenance, ensuring top-tier services tailored to specific aircraft models is paramount. Dive into Fort Aero’s detailed offerings to understand how we cater to diverse aviation needs:

1. Hawker Beechcraft Beech 400A Maintenance

  • Specialized in the maintenance of Hawker Beechcraft Beech 400A, we can perform maintenance up to and including B checks.Our team ensures optimal performance and safety adherence for this model.

2. Falcon 900EX EASy and Falcon 2000 Maintenance Services

  • Our Expertise with the Falcon 900Ex Easy and Falcon 2000 extends to the 3600 month, 2400 hour and Phase B

3. Falcon 7X Maintenance Expertise

  • Specializing in the Falcon 7X maintenance we provide timely checks up to and including 6 month, 600 hour and 400 landing Inspections and updates.

4. Bae 125 Series 750/800XP/850XP/900XP Maintenance Solutions

  • Our 24-month phase F inspection services, calculated by calendar months, are tailored for the Bae 125 Series.

  • We also provide up to 1600-hour phase C inspection, ensuring the aircraft’s robust performance.

5. Bombardier BD-700 Series Maintenance – Global XRS/5000/5500/6000/6500

  • Our capability for BD-700 series include the 30-month inspections for the Bombardier BD-700 series, ensuring timely and efficient checks.

  • Up to the 1500-hour inspection services we offer are based on the aircraft’s flight hours, ensuring its optimal operation.

  • We also specialize in maintenance for up to 450 landings, enhancing the aircraft’s safety metrics.

6. Bombardier CL-600-2B16 (604 Variant) Maintenance – Challenger 604/605/650

  • For the CL-600-2B16 We can offer 36-month, 2400 Flight hours
    and 1200 landings inspections services. We are a confidenttestament to our expertise in the Bombardier CL-600-2B16 variant.


What is Maintenance in Aviation?

Definition and Importance

Maintenance in aviation encompasses a wide range of activities and processes aimed at ensuring the continued airworthiness, safety, and optimal performance of an aircraft.

These activities include inspections, repairs, modifications, overhauls, and preventive measures that are conducted throughout the lifecycle of an aircraft.

The importance of maintenance in aviation cannot be overstated. It is the backbone of safe and efficient flight operations, directly affecting the reliability, longevity, and value of an aircraft.

Proper maintenance ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, reduces the risk of malfunctions or accidents, and enhances passenger comfort and satisfaction.



Types of Maintenance in Aviation

Line Maintenance

Line maintenance includes routine checks and minor repairs performed on the aircraft while it’s on the line, typically between flights. These tasks are essential for the aircraft’s immediate readiness for the next flight.

Base Maintenance

Base maintenance involves more extensive repairs, modifications, and overhauls that are conducted at a maintenance base. This includes activities like C-Checks and D-Checks, which require specialized facilities and longer downtime.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance focuses on proactive measures to prevent wear and tear, failures, or other issues. This includes regular servicing, lubrication, adjustments, and replacement of parts before they fail.

Corrective Maintenance

Corrective maintenance addresses specific issues or failures that have already occurred. It involves diagnosing the problem, repairing or replacing the affected components, and testing to ensure proper function.

Modifications and Upgrades

Modifications and upgrades enhance the functionality, efficiency, or compliance of an aircraft. This can include structural modifications, avionic upgrades, interior refurbishments, and more.


How Fort Aero Can Assist You with Maintenance

Comprehensive Maintenance Solutions

At Fort Aero, we offer comprehensive maintenance solutions that cover the full spectrum of aviation maintenance needs. Our skilled technicians, state-of-the-art facilities, and advanced tools enable us to provide top-notch maintenance services.

Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance

We adhere to strict quality control protocols and maintain compliance with all relevant aviation regulations. Every maintenance task we perform meets the highest standards of safety and performance.

Customized Maintenance Plans

We understand that different aircraft and operations have unique maintenance requirements. We work closely with you to develop customized maintenance plans that align with your fleet’s needs, schedules, and specific operational goals.

Proactive Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance (Testing)

Our proactive monitoring and testing approaches extend beyond immediate tasks. We provide data-driven insights and trend analysis that help in planning, optimizing maintenance intervals, and minimizing unexpected disruptions.

Long-term Partnership and Continuous Support

Our relationship with our clients is a long-term partnership. We provide continuous support, insights, training, and innovations to ensure that your maintenance strategies are effective, efficient, and aligned with the evolving landscape of aviation.

Global Reach and Flexibility

With our global reach and flexibility, we can provide maintenance services at various locations, adapting to your logistical needs and preferences. Our ability to respond rapidly and coordinate closely with your teams ensures seamless maintenance support.

Comprehensive Maintenance Excellence

At Fort Aero, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive suite of maintenance services tailored to meet the unique needs of various aircraft models.

Our airworthiness assessments ensure that your aircraft meets the highest safety standards, while our brake replacement and component maintenance services keep your aircraft running smoothly.

For those in need of regular upkeep, our daily checks and materials dispatch offer peace of mind.

We also provide specialized services such as fluids check, heavy maintenance, inspection, and line inspections to ensure that every aspect of your aircraft is in optimal condition.

Expertise Across a Spectrum of Services

Our team of experts is skilled in minor repairs, modification, wheels replacement, and troubleshooting.

We also offer technical services, testing, support services, scheduled servicing, and specialist services to cater to all your aviation needs.

When it comes to repair, pre-flight checks, refurbishment, Part 145 compliance, material ordering in aviation, overhaul, line maintenance, MRO, and AOG support, we have you covered.

We have a wealth of experience with various aircraft models, including the Falcon 2000Nextant 400XTi, Dassault Falcon 900, Hawker 800XP, Hawker 850XP, Hawker 900XP, Hawker 750, Bombardier Global 5000, Bombardier Global 5500, Bombardier Global Express, Bombardier Global 6000, Bombardier Global 6500.

With Fort Aero, you can trust that your aircraft is in the hands of industry-leading professionals, committed to delivering excellence in every service we provide.

Final Thoughts

Maintenance in aviation is a complex and multifaceted responsibility, reflecting a blend of precision, expertise, foresight, collaboration, and commitment to excellence.

At Fort Aero, we are proud to offer comprehensive maintenance services that embody these principles.

Through meticulous care, quality assurance, customized support, proactive strategies, global reach, and long-term partnership, we ensure that your aircraft are in optimal condition, ready to support safe and efficient flight operations.

Written by David Shlick, Chief Operations Officer at FortAero


7 Essential Aspects of Aircraft Troubleshooting Mastery - Fort Aero


The British Aerospace 125's Remarkable Journey in Aviation