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What is Fluids Check?

Definition and Importance in Aviation

In the context of aviation, a fluids check refers to the inspection, monitoring, and management of various fluids that are essential for the operation of an aircraft. This includes hydraulic fluids, engine oils, coolant, fuel, and other specialized fluids.

The fluids check is not merely a routine task; it’s a vital aspect of aircraft maintenance and safety. Proper fluid levels, quality, and conditions are critical for the performance, efficiency, and reliability of various aircraft systems.

Components of Fluids Check

Hydraulic Fluids

Hydraulic systems are responsible for controlling various functions in an aircraft, such as landing gear, brakes, and flight control surfaces. Regular checks of hydraulic fluid levels, pressures, and quality are essential.

Engine Oils

Engine oils lubricate and cool the engine components. Regular checks of oil levels, quality, and temperature are necessary to ensure smooth engine operation.


Coolant in the engine and other systems helps regulate temperature. Monitoring coolant levels and conditions helps prevent overheating and potential damage.


Checking fuel levels, quality, and contamination is crucial for flight planning and safety.

Other Specialized Fluids

Some aircraft may have additional specialized fluids, such as de-icing fluids, that require regular inspection and management.

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How Fort Aero Can Assist You with Fluids Check

Comprehensive Fluids Check Services

At Fort Aero, we offer comprehensive fluids check services tailored to your specific aircraft types and operational needs. Our trained technicians conduct meticulous inspections, ensuring that all fluid-related parameters are within optimal ranges.

Advanced Diagnostic Tools and Equipment

We utilize advanced diagnostic tools and equipment that allow for precise monitoring and analysis of various fluids. This technology enhances accuracy and enables early detection of potential issues.

Quality Control and Assurance

Our rigorous quality control protocols ensure that the fluids we manage meet the required specifications and standards. From sourcing quality products to ensuring proper handling and storage, we prioritize quality in every aspect of our fluids check services.

Customized Maintenance Plans

Understanding that different aircraft and operations have unique requirements, we provide customized fluids check plans. These plans are aligned with your maintenance schedules, fleet dynamics, and specific operational goals.

Proactive Monitoring and Preventive Measures

Our proactive monitoring and preventive measures extend beyond routine checks. We provide continuous monitoring and data-driven insights that help in predictive maintenance, optimizing fluid performance, and minimizing disruptions.

Long-term Partnership and Support

Fluids check is an ongoing responsibility, and our commitment to your success is long-term. We provide continuous support, insights, training, and innovations to ensure that your fleet’s fluid-related systems function reliably and efficiently.


Fluids check is an intricate yet essential aspect of aviation maintenance, reflecting a blend of precision, quality, and proactive care. At Fort Aero, we are proud to offer comprehensive fluids check services that embody these principles. Through meticulous inspections, advanced diagnostics, quality control, customized support, and long-term partnership, we ensure that your aircraft’s fluid-related systems are in optimal condition, ready to support safe and efficient flight operations.

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Written by David Shlick, Chief Operations Officer at FortAero


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